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Anxiety And Cognition

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It is argued in this book that there are three major approaches to anxiety. First, there is anxiety as an emotional state. Second, there is trait anxiety as a dimension of personality. Third, there is anxiety as a set of anxiety disorders. What is attempted is to produce a unified theory of anxiety which integrates all these major approaches. According to this unified theory, there are four sources of information which influence the level of experienced anxiety: (1) experimental stimulation; (2) internal physiological activity; (3) internal cognitions, (e.g., worries); and (4) one's own behaviour. The unified theory is essentially based on a cognitive approach. More specifically, it is assumed that individual differences in experienced anxiety between those high and low in trait anxiety depend largely on cognitive biases. It is also assumed that the various anxiety disorders depend on cognitive biases, and that the main anxiety disorders differ in terms of the source of information most affected by such biases (e.g., social phobics have biased interpretation of their own behaviour). In sum, this book presents a general theory of anxiety from the cognitive perspective. It is intended that this theory will influence theory and research on emotion, personality, and the anxiety disorders.

Overcoming Anxiety Self-help Programme : A 3-part Programme Based On Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

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Since it was first published in 1997, Helen Kennerley's "Overcoming Anxiety" has helped thousands of people recover from this disorder.It has won the respect of therapists and patients alike for its practical and friendly approach. Now, for the first time, this landmark work is available as a three-part, large format, practical manuals.The manuals contain multiple copies of blank worksheets, diaries and exercises suitable for a two-week course of treatment. The anxiety sufferer will be able to write directly into the workbook, allowing him or her to trace progress over the course of treatment, monitor behaviour and record step-by-step improvement.Ideal for the user to work through alone or with guided assistance, "Overcoming Anxiety Self-Help Course" is a complete, step-by-step treatment guide

A Complete Look At Anxiety Disorders

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This book is also a section from "The Everything Anxiety Coping Book." Anxiety conditions are the most common of all emotional disorders and affect millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide. One of the most effective types of treatment for anxiety disorders is a therapy called "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy." This book looks at the most effective aspect of this successful method for overcoming chronic anxiety conditions -- which is to learn not to fear the symptoms of chronic anxiety and panic attacks. NOTE: This book is approximately 6,495 words in length. The "Complete Look" reference in the title, is not to imply that this is an extensive medical journal but rather that it contains all aspects of information on the subject that most laypersons would be seeking. CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE: The True Purpose of Anxiety CHAPTER TWO: When is Anxiety Considered a Disorder? CHAPTER THREE: Four Common Anxiety Disorders CHAPTER FOUR: Anxiety Sensitization CHAPTER FIVE: Catastrophic Thinking CHAPTER SIX: Depersonalization and Derealization CHAPTER SEVEN: Calming Yourself during Panic Attacks or Severe Anxiety Episodes CHAPTER EIGHT: Is Anxiety Dangerous to Your Health? (short answer- "no") Written by a recovered anxiety sufferer this book takes a detailed look at anxiety symptoms, types of anxiety disorders and the diagnosis and treatments available for them.


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