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Anxiety And Phobic Disorders

RRP $409.99

This valuable handbook presents clear guidelines for conducting effective treatment procedures for children suffering from anxiety and phobic disorders, allowing clinicians to maintain high standards of care in their practice. The authors adapt key theoretical concepts and findings from ongoing research to develop practical assessment and intervention procedures. In addition, they highlight their 'transfer control' approach and describe its implementation in their exposure-based treatment program. Chapters include several helpful case studies to illustrate how to overcome treatment obstacles.

Medically And Spiritually Treating Chronic Thyroid Disease Anxiety

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While it might seem unusual to see a book title on the subject of offering Christian encouragement to thyroid patients, it really shouldn't be considered unusual at all. Statistics by reputable polling organizations have shown that 75% of the U.S. population claims to be of the Christian faith and some medical estimates have revealed that over 30-million Americans are experiencing thyroid diseases. General statistics of belief in God are considerably high, with some polling data indicating that 9 out of 10 Americans believe in a supreme being. Some polls that have concentrated on particular groups of people have revealed similar statistics. In the year 2004 for example, a poll conducted by HCD Research, revealed that 3 out of 4 medical doctors (of the 1,100 respondents who participated); believe in divine intervention, in the form of miracles. I have personally read books by Thyroid Patient Advocates (proactive patients who help to inform fellow-patients), who include chapters in their books that encourage seeking spiritual as well as medical help for the emotional symptoms of thyroid disease. I feel this is not an improper thing to do at all and in-fact, I personally believe that faith brings more hope to those who are seeking recovery and a better quality of life, in the midst of suffering medical health conditions. Over the past few years, I have corresponded with other patients, who also expressed their Christian faith to me and I have derived much of the information within the chapters of this book, from my responses to their questions and their requests for advice regarding emotional symptoms. In addition to well-studied layperson medical advice that I will offer following, it is my sincere hope that the chapters of this book also help to bring spiritual comfort and encouragement to those who are suffering thyroid diseases that have presented them with difficulties in treatment or challenges with learning to cope with their hypothyroid or hyperthyroid conditions. -Jim Lowrance This book is not intended to be an extensive manual but is intended to contain information most often sought by laypersons on the subject. Please note the number of pages listed and for an approximate word-count, see the ebook version description for this same title (Thank You - the Author). CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE Coping with Chronic Anxiety and Panic Symptoms caused by Thyroid Disease CHAPTER TWO The Effects of Thyroid Disease and Related Emotions on the Physical Senses CHAPTER THREE Which Brand of Thyroid Hormone is Superior for Treating Hypothyroidism? CHAPTER FOUR Giving Thyroid Hormone Therapy Adequate Time to Work CHAPTER FIVE Some Healing Comes in God's Timing and Wisdom DEDICATION: To all of my fellow thyroid patients, who are seeking peace in the midst of their storms -- may you find your peace restored and your joy recovered as God plants his eternal hope within your heart. "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory" (2 Corinthians 4:17 KJV)

Treating Health Anxiety And Fear Of Death

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Never has our culture been more aware of personal and global health hazards, from both within and without. While most people may feel some anxiety in this regard, some have an unbearable sense of dread that prevents them from functioning.

Chronic health anxiety-heightened fears of illness, disease, and death-is a central feature of hypochondriasis, of course, but can also present as depression, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, and other diagnoses. Treating Health Anxiety offers the professional reader not only an understanding of this condition, but also an easily implemented cognitive/behavioral program for reducing fear of illness, overcoming the fear of death, and getting more enjoyment from life, including:

-Step-by-step coverage of the assessment process and therapy sessions

-Patient worksheets and self-monitoring forms

-Specific guidelines for treating health anxiety in children and the elderly

-Strategies for handling impasses and setbacks

-Up-to-date guide to pharmacotherapy for health anxiety.

As media attention to health issues increases, client fears of illness won't go away any time soon. Treating Health Anxiety gives prescribing and non-prescribing clinicians (as well as the counselors and social workers who encounter the problem) the tools to reduce both the fears and the medical costs that so often accompany them.


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