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Security Programme Design And Management

RRP $256.99

A unique how-to guide for managers with asset-protection responsibilities, this book offers the reader both a clear picture of security program needs and some practical suggestions for meeting these needs. In addition to providing detailed information on security program management, the guide also emphasizes the importance of the relationship between security program management and other administrative services. Tweedy covers proven strategies and techniques to combat everyday security problems like burglary as well as sophisticated thefts of vital information and threats of terrorism. Numerous illustrations, diagrams, checklists, job descriptions, and model forms are included for ready reference. Tweedy begins with an overview of security program development and operation. Several chapters follow devoted to the composition and utilization of a security guard force, elements of security program management, and control processes in security program management. Tweedy advocates employee participation in loss prevention and a new focus on managerial, rather than strictly task-oriented thinking. Separate chapters address issues such as personnel selection and performance evaluation, EDP system protection, and crime in the United States. The final four chapters provide a summary of steps to achieve a higher degree of protection against terrorism through crisis planning, protection of personnel, safeguarding facilities and other assets, and the protection of records. Two appendices provide details and relevant examples of actual security-related activities.

Understanding Management Critically

RRP $263.99

In these times of global economic crisis, social unrest towards the powers that be, and a yearning for alternative systems and organization, it is now more relevant than ever for you to take a critical stance to your management studies in order to analyse, understand and question the world around you and the capitalist stronghold in which you live and work.

This new thought-provoking text uses critical theory and revolutionary ideas to help you challenge the status quo and prevailing ideologies in management. It covers key issues, thinkers and topics in an accessible style to provide a broad and clear understanding of vital theory which is applied to the real world through international case studies and reflective questions and think points for you to carry into practice.

A companion website provides additional learning materials for personal study and class activities (

This text is essential reading for any undergraduate or postgraduate student studying critical management or any management course with a critical slant.

Quantitative Finance And Risk Management

RRP $395.99

Written by a physicist with extensive experience as a quant on Wall Street, this book treats a wide variety of topics. Presenting the theory and practice of quantitative finance and risk, it delves into the "how to" and "what it's like" aspects not covered in textbooks or research papers. A "Technical Index" indicates the mathematical level for each chapter.This second edition includes some new, expanded, and wide-ranging considerations for risk management: climate change and its long-term systemic financial risk; markets in crisis - new crisis prediction technique and the Reggeon field theory; new "Smart Monte Carlo" and American Monte Carlo; trend risk - time scales and risk, the Macro-Micro model, and singular spectrum analysis; credit risk: counterparty risk, wrong way risk, issuer risk, and regulations; stressed correlations - new "nearest neighbor" techniques; and psychology and option models.Solid risk management topics from the first edition and valid today are included: standard/advanced theory and practice in fixed income, equities, and FX; quantitative finance and risk management - traditional/exotic derivatives, fat tails, stressed VAR, model risk, numerical techniques, deals/portfolios, systems, data, economic capital, and function toolkit; risk lab - the nuts and bolts of risk management from the desk to the enterprise; case studies of deals; Feynman path integrals, Green functions, and options; and "Life as a Quant" - communication issues, sociology, stories, and advice.

The Crisis In Telecommunications Carrier Liability

RRP $491.99

My curiosity with the economic efficiency and social benefits of provisions used by telecommunications carriers to limit their liability to customers for damages arising from service interruptions and network outages is a longstanding one. It began with the changing state regulatory environments in the late 1980's while representing AT&T as an attorney before numerous state legislatures in the Midwest. As telecommunications carriers faced the ramifications of deregulation, several legal consequences came to the fore. One important consequence was the impact of changing regulatory rules and requirements on the carriers' abilities to continue to limit their liability for damages to customers in a non-tariffed world. As a result, one of my responsibilities while employed by AT&T was to syek legislative relief in some state jurisdictions which would enable the continued use of limited liability provisions notwithstanding other deregulatory developments in the industry. In my capacity as an attorney, I succeeded in this task in the few jurisdictions for which I was given the charge. However, as an economist, these efforts piqued my interest regarding the economic effects of such limited liability provisions on consumer interests. What liability rules for the industry would really better serve general societal interests? As my career evolved, which involved returning to graduate school to pursue my Ph. D. and becoming the Director of Public Policy Studies at Ameritech, I had the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary research in telecommunications policy issues.

Management Education For The World

RRP $287.99

For many years commentators have described what is wrong with business schools - characterizing them as the breeding grounds of a culture of greed and self-enrichment in global business at the expense of the rest of society and of nature. Management Education for the World is a response to this critique and a handbook for those seeking to educate and create knowledge for a new breed of business leaders. It presents a vision for the transformation of management education in service of the common good and explains how such a vision can be implemented in practice. The 50+20 vision, as it is also known, was developed through a collaborative initiative between the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, the World Business School Council for Sustainable Business and the U.N.-backed Principles of Responsible Management Education and draws on the expertise of sustainability scholars, business and business school leaders and thought leaders from many other walks of life. This book explores the 21st century agenda of management education, identifying three fundamental goals: educating and developing globally responsible leaders, enabling business organizations to serve the common good, and engaging in the transformation of business and the economy. It is a clarion call of service to society for a sector lost between the interests of faculty, business and the schools themselves at the expense of people and planet. It sees business education stepping up to the plate with the ability of holding and creating a space to provide responsible leadership for a sustainable world embodied in the central and unifying element of the 50+20 vision, the collaboratory. Management Education for the World is written for everyone concerned or passionate about the future of management education: consultants, facilitators, entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations of any kind, as well as policymakers and others with an interest in new and transformative thinking in the field. In particular, teachers, researchers, students and administrators will find it an invaluable resource on their journey.


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