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Quantitative Finance And Risk Management

RRP $395.99

Written by a physicist with extensive experience as a quant on Wall Street, this book treats a wide variety of topics. Presenting the theory and practice of quantitative finance and risk, it delves into the "how to" and "what it's like" aspects not covered in textbooks or research papers. A "Technical Index" indicates the mathematical level for each chapter.This second edition includes some new, expanded, and wide-ranging considerations for risk management: climate change and its long-term systemic financial risk; markets in crisis - new crisis prediction technique and the Reggeon field theory; new "Smart Monte Carlo" and American Monte Carlo; trend risk - time scales and risk, the Macro-Micro model, and singular spectrum analysis; credit risk: counterparty risk, wrong way risk, issuer risk, and regulations; stressed correlations - new "nearest neighbor" techniques; and psychology and option models.Solid risk management topics from the first edition and valid today are included: standard/advanced theory and practice in fixed income, equities, and FX; quantitative finance and risk management - traditional/exotic derivatives, fat tails, stressed VAR, model risk, numerical techniques, deals/portfolios, systems, data, economic capital, and function toolkit; risk lab - the nuts and bolts of risk management from the desk to the enterprise; case studies of deals; Feynman path integrals, Green functions, and options; and "Life as a Quant" - communication issues, sociology, stories, and advice.

Regional Peacemaking And Conflict Management

RRP $282.99

This volume examines mechanisms for regional pacification and conflict resolution in Europe and the Middle East. Scholars in international relations have noted in the past that while much effort has been in discovering the causes of war, little research has been devoted so far to uncovering the conditions for peace, and the factors that contribute to stabilizing the state of peace. In this book, the authors attempt to assess the factors that contribute to regional (rather than state-to-state) pacification. As part of the recent resurgence of scholarly interest in regions and regionalism , several studies have been devoted to the subject of regional peace and peacemaking but almost no study to date has made a systematic comparison of two regions that are particularly prominent and important for the subject of regional pacification: Europe and the Middle East. These two regions occupy opposite poles on the war-to-peace continuum. Europe is the paradigmatic 20th-century case of successful peacemaking that has exceeded all initial expectations. In about half a century (since 1945) E urope has gone from being the world's most dangerous war zone to a zone of peace - with a level of peace that has not been equaled before or since. The European zone of peace has expanded since t h e end o f the Cold Wa r to include Eastern Europe, and it continues to f lourish despite the recent economic crisis. In contrast, the Middle East re m a i ns enmired in conflicts -both domestic and regional. The decades-long Arab-Israeli (and particularly Palestinian-Israeli) conflict remains one of the world's most intractable, and stubbornly resists all attempts at resolution. In addition, there is also a variety of other conflicts in the region, both inter-state are domestic in origin, that are unrelated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- as was seen, for example, in the recent (and still unfolding) events of the "Arab Spring". This work evaluates the research on regional pacification, the incentives that motivate states in establishing peaceful relations, and most importantly, how regions become peaceful, by identifying the causal mechanisms between various war outcomes and the prospects for establishing regional peace. It discusses the conditions under which various types of "peace" might emerge on a regional level - warm peace, cold peace, etc, and the factors most likely to determine the outcome. This work will be of much interest to students of regional security, peacemaking, conflict mangement, Middle East politics, European security and IR in general.

Ferranti: Management, Mergers And Fraud 1987-1993 Volume 3

RRP $298.99

This history of Ferranti during the last six years of its long existence provides a detailed exposition of the merger with an American firm that would bring it to its knees. Although only covering six years, this builds on the previous two volumes of the Ferranti history that has outlined how the firm grew into one of the UK's leading defence electronics operations. Having survived a major liquidity crisis in 1974-75, Ferranti recovered robustly under new management, only to flounder under the same leadership as a result of a major foray into the American defence electronics industry. The case-study outlines the inherent dangers in international mergers, as well as the acute problems associated with City and corporate governance practices which resulted in decisions that undermined Ferranti fatally.

Hank Hanegraaff's Christianity Is A Crisis For America

RRP $16.99

Find out how contemporary America is on the brink of collapse-and the surprising group that's to blame-in Cory Kooyers's eye-opening new book, Hank Hanegraaff's Christianity is a Crisis for America.

Ingeniously blending politics, philosophy, and religion, Kooyers brazenly condemns those who would witness the collapse of society in favor of sitting back and profiting for their own selfish gain. Who are these people? Evangelical "leaders" such as Hank Hanegraaff.

Citing a dire lack of true leadership within the evangelical community, Kooyers call out churchgoers-from the ministers themselves to the common laypeople-for not defending the historic Christian principles that have been the foundation of Western civilization for hundreds of years.

By abandoning and redefining traditional biblical messages, people like Hanegraaff have distracted the religious public from the true enemies of our country and the church: fanatic pro-life, anti-gay fundamentalists (or "Christian Right Moralists") who have done irreparable damage to the true Christian cause by turning against the very people evangelicals are trying to reach.

By analyzing the ministry of Hanegraaff, along with the flawed teachings of the Christian Research Institute, Kooyers sheds some much needed light on the real problems facing America today.

Security Programme Design And Management

RRP $256.99

A unique how-to guide for managers with asset-protection responsibilities, this book offers the reader both a clear picture of security program needs and some practical suggestions for meeting these needs. In addition to providing detailed information on security program management, the guide also emphasizes the importance of the relationship between security program management and other administrative services. Tweedy covers proven strategies and techniques to combat everyday security problems like burglary as well as sophisticated thefts of vital information and threats of terrorism. Numerous illustrations, diagrams, checklists, job descriptions, and model forms are included for ready reference. Tweedy begins with an overview of security program development and operation. Several chapters follow devoted to the composition and utilization of a security guard force, elements of security program management, and control processes in security program management. Tweedy advocates employee participation in loss prevention and a new focus on managerial, rather than strictly task-oriented thinking. Separate chapters address issues such as personnel selection and performance evaluation, EDP system protection, and crime in the United States. The final four chapters provide a summary of steps to achieve a higher degree of protection against terrorism through crisis planning, protection of personnel, safeguarding facilities and other assets, and the protection of records. Two appendices provide details and relevant examples of actual security-related activities.


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