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Understanding Management Critically

RRP $263.99

In these times of global economic crisis, social unrest towards the powers that be, and a yearning for alternative systems and organization, it is now more relevant than ever for you to take a critical stance to your management studies in order to analyse, understand and question the world around you and the capitalist stronghold in which you live and work.

This new thought-provoking text uses critical theory and revolutionary ideas to help you challenge the status quo and prevailing ideologies in management. It covers key issues, thinkers and topics in an accessible style to provide a broad and clear understanding of vital theory which is applied to the real world through international case studies and reflective questions and think points for you to carry into practice.

A companion website provides additional learning materials for personal study and class activities (

This text is essential reading for any undergraduate or postgraduate student studying critical management or any management course with a critical slant.

Public Management In United

RRP $187.95

From the 'Third Way' reforms of the 1990s to today's prospect of a post-bureaucracy era, the management of the UK's public services has been radically overhauled in recent decades. This important new text provides a complete introduction to the key themes and developments in public management and the changing relationship between governments, public service providers and the public. June Burnham and Sylvia Horton examine the key components of public management in the UK, including strategic management and the introduction of new performance management techniques as well as financial and human resources management. The book assesses how wider forces such as Europeanization, globalization and the global economic crisis have affected both the structure and role of the state and the way public services are managed. It also looks back to examine the transition from public administration to public management and considers how different ideologies have influenced and driven reform. Distinctively, the authors provide a full assessment of how devolution has affected public services across all parts of the UK. Providing an insightful and accessibly written introduction, this book will be ideal reading for all students of public management.

Japanese Management

RRP $439.99

Japanese management is currently considered to be in crisis. This book analyzes the degree to which the Japanese management model is changing, in order to regain its competitiveness. It brings together up-to-date research on this important topic by a number of the best known American, Asian and European scholars of Japanese management. A broad variety of management areas such as strategy, corporate governance, globalization, organization, finance, HRM, production, innovation, organizational learning and retailing is covered.

Get...montey Greene (identity Crisis Trilogy, Book 2)

RRP $32.99

In the summer of 2012 when A.R. Yoba burst onto the literary landscape with his simmering and explosive cocktail of Robert Ludlum and Walter Mosley in his first novel, They Call Me...Montey Greene, he captured the imagination of thousands of readers worldwide with his depiction of a common man who finds big trouble in a beautiful Colombian woman named Alejandra while vacationing in Milan, Italy. The type of trouble that gets you four bullets in the back and leaves you with a sketchy memory. The type of trouble usually reserved for super spies, super agents, government assassins and street savvy PI's with big guns and licenses to kill. Montey Greene is just a regular guy from Brooklyn. With brass balls, a good knuckle game and a whole lotta swag. Now Yoba returns with the second installment in his "Identity Crisis Trilogy." In this combustible page turning thriller the globetrotting ex-soldier and unemployed security systems analyst is back in the States where he finds a more pleasurable form of trouble in a beautiful Russian woman named Tatiana, and a memory that's still sketchy as hell. He survived the four bullets they put in his back while vacationing in Europe, now he was back in his own backyard. Back in the midst of the glitz and grime called Brooklyn, New York. He thought he was home free when his feet finally touched down on U.S soil. He was eager to see his kids and soon to be ex-wife, Patricia, again. Maybe they could patch things up. Be a family again. Instead he found himself fighting his way out of some federal agent's interrogation room, and running for his life in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge. Reconciliation was gonna have to take a rain-check 'cause Montey Greene was still on the run. Running from the chaos that was Europe, the Feds, a reputed drug kingpin's henchman and from whatever unknown government entity that's put a price on his head. He's running fast. He's running hard. He's running straight towards whatever fate awaits him around the next corner.

Construction Management For Industrial Projects

RRP $427.99

This book presents techniques for effective and successful project management across all phases of the project, covering all of the management tools and leadership skills for any industrial project. It presents advanced modern tools for use by management and engineers in decision making, and it covers the gap between project management theories of the actual project.  This volume is a "one-stop shop" for project and construction management of industrial projects, for engineers, managers, owners, and anyone else working on the project.


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