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A Systematic Guide To Business Acumen And Leadership Using Dilemmas

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A SYSTEMATIC GUIDE TO BUSINESS ACUMEN AND LEADERSHIP USING DILEMMAS Systematic Guides are aimed at leaders and managers who need to instantly access 'Organization-Ready' models, practices, checklists and guidance in key subject areas which are logically organized and based on best practice. Each Systematic Guide references online team-based business simulation games, designed by the author, which provide powerful experiential and social learning tools for rapidly bringing each book's content to life in a fun and engaging way. This Guide offers a unique and concise review of ten very common types of business and leadership dilemma which face leaders and manager in major organizations. It is based on ten years' worth of interviewing, testing and running simulation games with hundreds of subject matter experts, top performers, leaders and managers across many different industries in my privileged role as a business simulation game designer. The purpose of the guide is to equip new leaders to recognise these dilemmas whenever they first occur and be ready with strategies and tactics for dealing with them in a more masterful way to achieve results which go beyond the norm. "We have used the thinking in this book to build business acumen training for our HR people - with tremendous success. The confidence they gain through using these concepts, delivered through highly realistic business simulations, has transformed the way they think about their businesses, and the contribution they are able to make." DES PULLEN, Group HR Director, Associated British Foods. "Ken Thompson, in creating this valuable guide, highlights the key practical choices faced by managers in driving business performance. Ken has also assembled a portfolio of tools - drawn from his own experience as well as from global thought-leaders - that will help aspiring leaders, when push comes to shove, to make the right calls." JAMES BOWEN, Managing Director of Kotinos Partners Limited. "Often, when faced with a real dilemma, leaders show a bias for acting above thinking. Ken's book will help them adopt the optimum actions without overly complex analysis. A practical and reliable guide when the pressure is really on"! ROB WIRSZYCZ, Chairman, advisor and mentor to businesses ranging from start-ups to publicly quoted. "In a true strategic decision 'the opposite' should also be an equally valid strategic option." Ken Thompson has taken this core thesis and extrapolated it into ten core dilemmas that will guide you in challenging your status quo. An ideal companion piece to Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas work." PAUL SWEENEY, Product, innovation and change executive for start-ups.

A Preview Of Jesus's Seminal Teachings And Leadership

RRP $15.35

A Preview of Jesus's Seminal Teachings and Leadership opens the pages of the four gospels, sharing their witness with devoted Bible students and inquisitive readers. It highlights the essential messages of Jesus's instructions for his followers and the central examples of his leadership for all who desire to obtain eternal life through his death and resurrection.

Building upon years of personal study of the Scriptures and years of living as a Christian, Isaac Kinuthia brings to bear his background growing up in Kenya and studying and living in the United States as he shares a summary of Jesus's words and deeds.

Compactly written chapters address a variety of topics, including the lordship of Jesus, the promise of heaven, Jesus's take on the Bible, the Ten Commandments, loving others, the sanctity of life, the power of prayer, the challenges presented by evil spirits, the reality of judgment, and Jesus second coming.

A Preview of Jesus's Seminal Teachings and Leadership provides a thumbnail sketch of Jesus's essential teachings and his acts of leadership for devoted Bible students and individuals drawn to the only man who defeated death.

Literacy And Leadership

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