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Weight Loss

RRP $15.99

From the Best Selling weight loss author, Linda Westwood, comes Weight Loss: 7-Day Total Body Transformation: Drop A Dress Size Fast With 7 Days of Recipes, Exercises & Healthy Habits!. This book will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind, and improve your overall health! If you feel like you need to give your weight loss a kick-start... If you feel like you're ready for a full-body transformation... If you need results FAST... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! This book provides you with a 7 day plan that will have you slimming down quickly and fitting into a whole new dress size in just 7 days! It comes with the information, recipes, workouts, and all the steps that you need to know! Are you ready to look and feel slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you have in years? Then check out this 7 Day Slim Down plan, and start transforming your life TODAY! If you successfully implement "Weigh Loss," you will... Start losing weight without working out as hard Begin burning all that stubborn fat, especially belly fat, thigh fat and butt fat Say goodbye to inches off your waist and other hard-to-lose areas Learn how you can live a healthier lifestyle without trying Transform your body and mind in just 7 days Get excited about eating healthy and working out - EVERY TIME! Tags: weight loss, total body transformation, weight loss tips, total body workout, weight loss for women, lose weight fast, dress size"

Weight Loss For Women

RRP $16.99

Do you have a busy life and little time for the gym? Have you constantly had trouble reaching your long term weight loss and fitness goals? The answers to all of your long term weight loss questions are here at last* * * * SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE DON'T MISS OUT * * * *I'm about to shatter one of the biggest fitness myths ever, a myth that was created by businesses to make you think that you need their facilities to be fit and lose weight. The businesses to which I'm referring are GYMS. Yes, you must always keep in mind that gyms are businesses that have the primary aim of getting your money. A gym doesn't care about your goals or aspirations,the only person who can force a major change in your life is YOU! And you don't need a gym to do this.For far too long people have been entrenched in the belief that in order to lose weight and be fit, they must buy an expensive gym membership. Well I'm here to tell you that you can workout from the comfort of your own home, and the best part is that you get to decide the hours of operation of your home gym. You can become totally independent, maintain a busy schedule and learn how to become a more self motivated individual.

Here's a sample of what's inside.......

- How to work out in as timely a manner possible - How to become self motivated when it comes to your personal fitness and weight loss goals- How to distance yourself from 5 of the most common weight loss/ fitness myths - How to implement some amazing simple and practical weight loss tips- How to perform 26 of the best at home exercises that will help you shed pounds fast! - How to properly write and follow your own at-home workout program- A an in-depth and comprehensive 4-week at-home workout plan - 6 amazingly simple healthy recipes that will make your mouth water and your stomach smile- A bonus sample of my other book: "Butt Workout" - The #1 benefit of being fit, healthy and losing weight!- Much, much more!As a personal trainer at an all women's gym I have seen some painful sights. Women who come into the gym day after day for hours on end, working out ineffectively and never getting the results they desire. While I can see the determination and passion in their eyes they're simply doing things the hard way. You don't have to be one of these women! I promise you that by the end of this book you will have everything you need to be healthy and fit without ever having to go to a gym again! Download "Weight Loss For Women: Tighten & Tone, Perk Up Your Assets, Drop a Dress Size and Look Great Naked. No Gym Needed!" Right now Just scroll to the top of the page, download it and we can get started on your weight loss journey together!

Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much

RRP $50.00

Here's the truth: Other people's drama is making you fat.

You're a good person. You feel for other people's troubles and challenges. Heck, you're probably the go-to person for a whole list of people when the going gets tough!
But is your caring nature keeping you out of the best shape of your life?
Break the cycle and be the loving person you are-without letting other people's drama keep you from being a hot mamma!

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much focuses on the keys to weight loss for sensitive people. With a simple, practical program, bestselling author and internationally renowned intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid shows you how to release the extra pounds and create a new, healthy relationship with your body, your weight, and food.

This 4-step, 8-week program will show you how to finally let go of what's weighing you down, physically and emotionally. You will learn how to:

Reverse empathy overload and establish healthy boundaries
Avoid the "noisy" trigger foods that lead to autopilot eating
Deal with challenging situations and avoid your detours, from procrastination to perfectionism, that sabotage the success you deserve

This book is your guide to having a new healthy, loving relationship with your food and your feelings. It's the end to other people's drama-and the beginning to the body (and life) you deserve!

About the Author

Colette Baron-reid is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, life coach, and author. Through a 22-year practice, she has advised over 34,000 clients in 29 countries and for three years toured as the opening speaker with Hay House. Colette's Master Intuitive Coach Institute certifies others in her transformational coaching techniques. "The Colette Baron-Reid Show" airs twice weekly on CBS-owned New Sky Radio and she has appeared on The Dr. Phil Show, "Oprah and Friends" with Dr. Oz and "Coast To Coast," among others.

Weight Loss Journey

RRP $18.99

I was fat, I was unfit, and I was over 40. At my maximum, I probably weighed around 252 pounds (114 kg), but the truth is I am not really sure. Today, I am close to my ideal weight at just 182 pounds (83kg), fitter than I have probably ever been, regularly play competitive sport, and have completed several extremely demanding physical challenges.

This book is the story of how I did it, and how I believe you can too!

Part personal story, part guidebook, inside you will find a "no holds barred" account of exactly how I permanently changed my lifestyle so eating healthily and doing regular exercise became not only routine, but easy. This book isn't a diet or exercise plan, doesn't tell you precisely what to eat, or how to work-out, but it does contain a detailed roadmap to how you can change your life for the better, and watch the weight fall away.

Some of things you will discover include:

  • How to consistently measure your weight so as to make it easy to do day-to-day comparisons
  • How to keep track of your weight, and really know if you are gaining or losing
  • How to set yourself weight loss goals, and adjust them as you go
  • How to make healthy lifestyle choices that you will stick with rather than abandon after a short time
  • The most reliable way to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine
  • How to choose sporting activities that will keep you motivated
  • How setting ambitious goals can help you achieve more than you might have ever thought possible
  • How to shop for healthy foods, and how to really read labels
  • Simple adjustments to the types of food you eat that can save on calories and help you lose weight
  • Suggestions for reducing the calorie counts in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • How to deal with snacking (including 11 low-calorie snack suggestions)
  • Tips to help you eat more healthily when eating out
  • Ideas for boosting your metabolism, and even to help you burn more calories when on vacation at the beach
In short, if you want to lose weight, have tried diet and exercise plans, and they either haven't worked for you, or you've been unable to stick with them - then this book is for you.

These ideas worked for me - and they can work for you too!


RRP $19.99

In his New Testament Commentary, Bob Yandian teaches verse-by-verse from the book of Colossians dealing with human philosophy and false religion and Gods approach to eliminating them from the church. The book of Colossians was written during Pauls first imprisonment in Rome. It was during the same imprisonment that Paul wrote the epistles of Ephesians, Philippians, and Philemon. Paul wrote to the saints ta Colosse because the false religion of Gnosticism had entered the church. He also wanted to firmly establish his support of Epaphras as pastor and head of the local church.


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